Monday, July 20, 2009

where do i start?

no seriously how do i post on here? a week ago i spent 35 minutes trying to post something, thinking i was signed up, but i wasn't. it said my old aim account would work but i learned i needed a google account. signing up was easy but it took 6 trys to spell the blurred word verification. i ddn't ''FORQUINGMA'' was a word

-id say at least once every 2 weeks we (gerald or myself) call charter communications. either the internet or cable is not working properly or my father got billed for something we've never heard of. usually pretty helpful after the 10 or 15 minutes of trying to get past the computerized operator

-shin splints: im rested, im hydrated, im motivated, ive got my ipod, im stretching, im limping..

-coworker that was just the laziest pile of sh*t who didn't lift a finger. would have easily been fired if they weren't sleeping with the boss

golf: enough said. its just a coin toss out there every shot. practice is pointless. kevin costner' shovel seems pretty practical

-being surrounded by drunk people.........sober

-people yelling something obscene at you while your jogging....most likely their world class athletes though so....

-4 way stops

-getting chirped by drunk tommy tough guy who conviniently outnumbers you

-"oh you didn't feel like starting today car?''

..........this is fun im sure ill be back..good luck john i love you

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