Sunday, November 6, 2011

You want to know what really frustrates me? LEAF BLOWERS!

Bugger those things are like bringing the joyful noise of the vacuum to the great outdoors! Tell me this, with all the air flow they are doing wouldn't it be more practical to actually be sucking up those leaves and bagging them? What says unproductive more clearly than blowing leaves slowly into a pile only so they the wind can later redistribute them for you? Forgive me my Luddite tendencies when I want to yell at people "Get a rake!"

AND also...

Can someone explain to me this Atari version of a football player. How was the mastermind/artist behind this not laughed out of the room when they presented their vision of what Traverse should put as a design on their football stadium? No one in the planning stages of this gorgeous tile mosaic thought, "Hey this thing looks like a giant peanut with legs"?