Sunday, July 19, 2009

My computer is a piece of shit.

I am not writing this on my computer because it is a piece of shit.

I am so proud of myself this last week for not smashing my laptop to pieces. I have pictured myself numerous times this week grabbing the screen with 2 hands and smashing the keyboard down on the kitchen table until it folds the wrong way, hopefully having the effect of me breaking it into 2 parts. I even rationalized the consequences for these actions and if it was worth the elation I would no doubt feel from the act. I was weighing the cons: my wife being pissed at me, me feeling like a jackass shortly after, the cost of a new laptop which we don't have money for, I could possibly get hurt having pieces flying, there would be a big gouge or a large mark on the table and could maybe ruin something else in the house with flying debris. With the pros: So for now I have decided not to. I cannot say the same for my mouse, that has taken some abuse and does not work properly anymore. For some reason my computer just stopped working. I have reinstalled everything and wiped the computer clean 5 times now to no avail. Vista can go to hell and take Billy Gates with him for ever letting this operating system go to market. I may become a Mac guy. I have fought it tooth and nail, but my next computer may be a Mac. Now I have to see if my computer is still under warranty and if I can get a new one. Not to mention reinstalling all the programs and files that were on the thing.

Why I don't have it so bad (but it still feels good to rant):
We are fortunate enough that my wife has a fully functional laptop that I can use until I get mine fixed, I know some people are not lucky enough to have one computer. Also, I had my files backed up to an external hard drive so I did not lose anything vital.

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Exquisite Corpse said...

viva la beating the crap out of things that don't work.