Monday, July 13, 2009

From Nathan John Juett

Frustration for me was put to light last week in the Meijer check out line.
I was behind two other people and the gentleman directly in front of me only had about 20 items. However, the woman in front of him had 2 carts full of shit. Now it took a long fucking time to ring up her two carts full of shit. I watched the lines on each side of me keep cycling and cycling through people. The woman behind me and the man in front of both actually started complaining. Eventually her 2 carts full of shit had finally rung up after what seemed to be an eternity. Then came the god damn coupons. Not1,2, or even 10. It had to be at least 50 coupons. Of course some of them didn't work and a manager had to be called upon. A half hour after(literally) i got in line this woman had finally cashed out. Fucking bitch!!


Julie said...

That totally sucks. I always pick the wrong line in the grocery store too along with the squeaky cart!

Mary Letts said...

That is too funny! I love the 800 plastic bags that you get.

John O'Hearn said...

the plastic bags, oh my god it's like every little item needs it's own plastic bag. we have those reusable bags and they put a few items in each one and then go to the plastic bags. we always tell them that they should put the rest of the items in the bags cause they are not full. do you need a bag for your milk? why they hell would i need a bag for my milk, it has a handle.