Tuesday, July 14, 2009

5k race

for the first time ever i pre registered for the cherry festival 5k race. i got a print out with a bar code to bring to pick up my race packet the day before. i thought that should make it easy. on the sheet it did not say where to pick up the stuff. when i got to the elementary school (i guessed) i showed my bar code sheet to a young lady at the entrance. she didn't know what it was and told me there were names on the wall "down there". i saw names on the wall down the hallway and walked back to ask her what i was to do next. she said, "there's some people through those doors, tell them the number next to your name. i went up to the lady to pick up my number but she told me to wait a minute while she walked to the other side of the gym with another runner. i waited several minutes and asked another lady if she knew how to do what the first lady did. she didn't. i asked a guy on the other side by the t shirts if he knew how to hand out the race numbers. he didn't. i went and stood by the first lady across the gym to let her know i was getting impatient. finally i got my stuff. the next day during the race we got to the lone water station. the same young girl at the door was manning the cups and water. none of them were pre poured. we had to stand in line with our cup and push the button to the big cooler to pour out the water.
i took the cooler and opened the top and poured it over the girl's head. Okay i was frustrated enough to do so but i made that part up.

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