Sunday, September 6, 2009

Try Optimism


I am suddenly feeling so peaceful. Currently I have read some pretty frustrated posts and am having trouble channeling my inner anger to the degree that some have reached here.

That is not to say that I haven't been angry, but, oh what is the saying... I've been making lemonade with lemons.

2 Examples:
1.Roommate gives angry psychopathic ex our cell phone number. He starts leaving messages everyday. Fills our inbox -DAILY. With screaming ranting epithets of curse words insulting her, us, our mothers. He can leave 40 in a row. One a minute. Why on a phone that can take my picture, and record my voice, can it NOT block calls?

He has his own ringtone now, which used to drive us nuts but is now the equivilent of our favorite tv show theme song. We suddenly get excited because we know what's coming...Bingo.
Yep, the game.

We made swear word bingo cards with all the words and threats he usually uses. Now it's a competition to see who can guess which variation of the F-bomb he'll drop next. The fun part: explaing to our 91 year old friend that we play bingo with a friend of ours who is the caller.

Ex. 2:
Not getting our whole security deposit back from our previous landlord.

BUT, even though we were robbed (while he was changing the locks), and had raw sewage backflow into our washer and flood our basement -twice, we are calmly going to explain to him that we feel he has wronged us and give him the opportunity to end this right now before we take him to court.

This took some time to get settled about. Jesus helped out with that. Now both Justin and I can be at a place where we can pray for him and realize any justice he gets on earth would be preferable to God's justice in the herafter. And then leave it all in God's hands.

No servant is greater than his master. And my master was crucified. How can I expect better? Truly we need no more evidence that humanity is unjust when the hands that created it have nail holes through them.

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